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Matchmaking for Screens

Our job is to find the right talent for the job. We do so by searching in many different ways, with our wide experience and know-how.

We use our extensive national and international network.

What we are not

We are not an agent – neither for actors or models. Hence we do not provide any advice or solve any issues between profile and production.



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3 x expertise

Between us we have more than +100 years of experience in casting.

See our separate profiles below.

Our customers appreciate our responsiveness, professionalisme.

We are told, we are easy to work with.

Casting  | Since 1990

Stine Brüel

E-mail stine@anothercc.dk

Mobile (+45)  31 65 03 33

Danish, English, German
Casting  | Since 2003

Saskia Fahlsten

E-mail saskia@anothercc.dk

Mobile (+45)  26 28 60 02

Danish, Swedish, English
Casting  | Since 1997

Tanja Grunwald

E-mail tanja@anothercc.dk

Mobile (+45) 22 90 38 91

Danish, English


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