Get ready

Good to have at hand when creating your profile

  • 3 – 5 images – read specifics about images here
  • all your data
  • your skills
  • your experience
Light on your face – that’s what we want to see
Blur background to keep focus on you


Size requirements

All images

minimum – width 700 – hight 450 pixel

Image # 1

Requirements for the image shown on the page “FIND TALENT”

1 – Close up – like the ones on this page

2 – Landscape ratio 4:5

3  – minimum size in pixels: 800×1000

Image # 2

Full body – no requirements for size,

but it is in your interest to make it a good size

Images # 3 + 4 + 5

Any images you think will show different sides of you personality.

What not to do

Show only you

Do not use images with other people.

It confuses the spectator.

We are interested in you.

Don’t use Screen Shots

Don’t make screenshots of images. They will be too small.


Load a copy of an image

– see on the image here, how it is done.

The size of the original image will be adapted when you load

On a desktop you can normally right click to download


Images you load from other sites, may be ACCREDITED and you may have to ask for permission to use – even if it is a picture of you.

On the site: Touch the image until the options show

Use the “save to photos” option


Frequently Asked Questions

As an empty profile is of no use to directors and other producers, we do not show your profile publicly until is has the MINIMUM requirements.


We need to be able to reach you, therefore contact information is vital.

We also ask for the most obvious information, such as age, hight, weight etc

You can follow to progress bars at the top to see when your profile is PERFECT.


As your profile has to look good on all kinds of screens,

We have set the minimum requirements here

Until these are met your profile will only be shown to us internally, not for public viewing

After you have created you profile, you want to see it in public

and for some reason it is not shown on the FIND TALENT page

it could be simple

maybe you only need to update the page you are looking at.

Depending on your cookie settings you may have to do it a few times. It really depends on settings and the device you are on.

Is your profile passive? 

Look at the Question “Why is my profile PASSIVE?”


  • Go to RESET PASSWORD page
  • Try all the email address you MAY have used to set up your profile
  • Check your SPAM or PROMOTION filter

If you CAN see your profile on the public FIND TALENT page – but do not have access to the e-mail account anymore – or have forgotten your password

  • Go to CONTACT page
  • Fill in the form
  • In the MESSAGE write
    • “I need access to my profile”
    • the e-mail address you have used for the account, but not longer have access to
    • your Profile ID number – shown in black box on the FIND TALENT page
    • your mobil phone number
    • your address

We will then send you a RESET PASSWORD email

If you CANNOT see your profile on the public FIND TALENT page

  • Go to CONTACT page
  • Fill in the form
  • In the MESSAGE write
    • my profile is passive – I need access to my profile
    • your mobil phone number
    • your address
    • write other information stated in your profile, that only you can know
      • you need to convince us this is REALLY your profile

We will then send you a RESET PASSWORD email

Alternatively, you can create a new profile


If you had a profile on our old site, this video is for you

Tænd lyden på video og få det hele med