A SELFTAPE is a video you make on your own e.g. using your smartphone or computer

We will let you know in the Casting Brief, if that’s what we need.

Below find some tips for when selftapes are called


During Covid-19 we all became more efficient with SELFTAPES

Sometimes the tape is all we need

Other times it is the first round

You may be called to a regular in person casting based on the tape

Prepare for Selftape

Read instructions sent to you

Ask your casting director, should you have ANY questions

Use you phone, tablet or computer

Make some tests following instructions from your casting director


If you do not have a light source made for filming (like a light ring), it would be a good idea to position yourself facing a window or artificial light.

Avoid having a light source behind you.

If possible, find a spot with a neutral background.

Always film in horizontal.

In general close-ups or semi close-ups (from waist and up) are far better than wide shots

Get more tips on youtube here

repentand-seekchristjesus-y0I85D5QKvs-unsplash (1)



Follow the directions in the instructions.

If the file is too big > see below

  • Go to FINDER or files

  • Right click

  • Option to compress will show

  • it will now be “stored” in a .zip file that is smaller

  • ship the .zip file according to instructions

Often WETRANSFER is used

If your video file from your phones is too large, you can try to change the setting from 4K to HD

This example is from an iPhone – other brands will have similar option for settings.