One child

needs profile

Set up a completely normal profile


Profiles for more children

If you have a profile already

and want to connect your children to you

LOG IN or  CREATE a profile for yourself first

Stay logged in

(when LOG OUT shows in top right corner, you are logged in)

THEN go to CREATE CHILD PROFILE  and create a profile(s)

– Every profile is DKK 100 (one time fee)

You only login once to see all profiles

One page VIEW PROFILE you can see all profiles and switch between them.

Profiles for children only

Same procedure

Just create a normal profile for the first child.

Afterwards you add the other children


If you had profiles on the old site

we have grouped them together

LOG IN here.

If you have forgotten your password, go here RESET PASSWORD

After LOG IN go to VIEW PROFILE to view and switch between profiles.

When your child turns 18

Contact us

At 18 your child should take over their own profile.

Contact us in order to separate the profiles.