Increasing Security

We are increasing Security

In our efforts to keeping all of your data safe e.g. protected against hackering, harvesting – amongst other threats we all face these days, we have invested in new technology.

Consequently your data is now even better protected

– also in the future.

Of course it is hard to be completely secure, but we have our utmost.

Increased security

You when you update your data,

your profile will be moved to the top. 

Are you part of our


Act before 1 December

If you ARE part of the PEOPLE GALLERY

Your profile will be DELETED ON december 1, 2022

If this happens you will have to CREATE a brand new profile from scratch,

if you want to be part of our PEOPLE GALLERY


If you want to stay

(we really hope so)


The ONCE IN A LIFE TIME sign-on fee

DKK 100

  • Keep and update your profile
    • Option for more images
    • Option to share details of talent, skills and experience
      • this will increase you chances to get spotted
  • Get more exposure in the PEOPLE GALLERY 

What we are up to

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