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Sign-on Investment

You get access to our archive where your profile will be listed, shown in public on our website with

  • principal image
  • first name
  • age
  • hight
  • actor or not

Another Casting Company staff will be the only other party to view your other info.

Should we need to share with others your will be specifically asked per case.

This is a one time fee not a subscription.


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Once in a life time investment


The only thing we ask is, that you keep your profile updated.

We want to have relevant in out Catalogue and talents that are active and want to take part in these fun jobs.

Don’t worry – we will remind you to keep your profil a jour.


HOWEVER, if you do not react to our kind emails, we take is as a “I-don’t-want-calls-for-castings-no-more” and after a year we will delete your profile from the catalogue.


You are of course welcome to RE-JOIN and be active in THE CATALOGUE again any time. But after you have been deleted, you will have to create a new profile all over.