When you create a profil

How the profile helps you

  • BY CREATING a profile you get:
    • Access to creating your own personal profile with
    • Contact information
    • Information on looks, skills and experience
    • Uploading of images
  • Public exposure in our PEOPLE GALLERY
    • Your profile will be visible in our people gallery to anyone who visits our site, if your profile meets our quality requirements
    • Having a profile does not ensure that you get at job, as it is based on demand

Read about what our job is in About Us

All other details are specified in our Terms & Conditions

Terms for keeping your profile

Profiles that are outdated are irrelevant, we therefore reserve the right to delete your profile, if it has not been updated within the past 12 months.

We will ongoing remind you to keep your profile up to date. This is as important to you, as for us.

If a profile is deleted, you will have to create a new one, and pay a new fee, to get back in.